At Education Impact Academy Trust we will provide a ground breaking innovative learning environment with outstanding teaching, support and pastoral care.

Everyone who enters one of the Trust’s educational establishments, whether as a student, parent or colleague should feel safe, cared for and supported, knowing their role in a holistic team that strives for the very best outcomes for everyone within it.

We are a family where wellbeing, independence and influencing successful outcomes is at the centre of everything we do. We recognise this within all stages of a student’s education leading to their successful transition into adulthood.

Our Ethos

There are 3 key viewpoints we want our ethos to accomodate.

“Today I will become more resilient, more independent and more prepared than I was yesterday, to succeed in whatever tomorrow may bring.”“Today I will feel part of my child’s education more than yesterday and feel that together we can prepare for a better tomorrow.”“Today I will have a positive impact on those around me, building on what I achieved yesterday, whilst helping shape the learning environments of tomorrow.”
We aim to Engage and Include our students to become, resilient, independent and successful in life by Applying what they learn Together in all aspects of their life.We want to fully Engage and Include parents, to maximise their child’s learning outcomes and encourage them to Apply new skills, knowledge or understanding at home and in the local community by working Together.We want to Engage all staff to support each other and feel Included in our family environment. Staff are trained to a high level and Apply skills and knowledge Together for the benefit of all.


We consider the above to be underpinned by the following key values:

  • to Engage
  • to Include
  • to Apply
  • to work Together


We have a very simple moto that drives us forward.

Better never ends!